BCCI to pay 10% of player salary to cricket board

by staff on September 7, 2010

In a move to probably clamp down on corruption and give an incentive to the cricket boards to allow the release of players for the IPL, the Governing Council has decided that they will pay 10% of the player salary to their respective cricket board.

It has been reported that the IPL Governing Council had been thinking of this for some time now. Earlier, the Champions League T20 has this rule where the cricket boards get paid a certain amount as a guarantee money to send their teams to the tournament. However, this rule has not been a part of the IPL so far.

What this also does is to ensure that the contract gets signed between the players, board and the franchisees, bypassing any agent in the way.

This is a part of the decisions that were taken on Sunday in the Governing Council meeting. This also circumvents the problem that the Ravindra Jadeja case had caused last season, where he was being tempted to join Mumbai Indians, without the knowledge of his own franchise, Rajasthan.

One of the franchise official said, “This is a very constructive and positive decision. It keeps the boards happy. The agents should also not come in the way. They should come into the picture only when there is a roaster of recognised agents by the IPL,”

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