Dwayne Bravo takes break from international cricket after IPL

by staff on June 13, 2011

Dwayne Bravo, who had played for the Chennai Super Kings in the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League, has said that he has taken a break from the international cricket to be able to focus on his game.

Bravo has been playing non-stop cricket since having injured himself in the World Cup and that has meant that he has not had the chance to overcome the technical issues that have crept in his game. Bravo was chosen as one of the foreign players in the IPL by the Super Kings and while he did not set the stands on fire, he did his bit to ensure that he was played in all the six IPL games that he was available in.

Bravo said that he would love if the fans respected his decision to take a break but the question that will continue to get asked is around the availability of players for the lucrative IPL but not being present for international cricket.

Bravo had played for the Mumbai Indians in the first three editions of the IPL.

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