Pollard, Narine And Bravo might play for West Indian teams in the CLT20

by staff on July 30, 2012

All of us know that the Indian Premier League is a cash rich league and as in the earlier season the players decided to represent their Indian Premier League franchises over their country teams just because of financial reasons.

Anil Roberts, the current Trinidad and Tobago Sports Minister said that Kieron Pollard from the Mumbai Indians, Sunil Narine from the Kolkata Knight Riders and Dwayne Bravo from the Chennai Super Kings will represent their country T20 sides and not their Indian Premier League franchises during the Champions League in that will be played in October.

The BCCI and the Indian Premier League franchises decided not to keep quiet on this particular situation. Roberts said an agreement has been reached with the three players their country, and in turn the government of T&T will match the fees paid by the franchises to the players, finally some money in West Indian Cricket?

Team director Joy Bhattacharya of the Kolkata Knight Riders however said that Sunil Narine would play for them in the Champions League T20. He knows how valuable Narine is to the team!

The T&T minister said that he had spoken to the franchisees and raised some pertinent points. “I explained to them, because some of them are quite upset. I said, ‘please for a moment, just picture Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Sachin Tendulkar or Raina deciding or contemplating to play for a club ahead of India. I don’t think that would even be a choice.”

What will actually happen, we will have to wait and watch. We know how treasured these players are to their teams as they have the ability to win the game for their team on their own.

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